ASW Varsity Soccer Travels for Vienna Invitational

by Kate Jaworska

At the Vienna Invitational last Saturday, the ASW girls soccer team finished with a record of 1 win and 1 loss, while the boys won 1 and tied 2 of their matches.

The girls team did not have enough players, so they asked girls from the Vienna team to play. The warrior girls found it surprising that the girls from Vienna were more than excited to play for Warsaw and even helped score goals.

The teams gathered at 6:20 in the morning on Sept. 23rd for the 7 hour train to Vienna. Upon arrival the warrior teams were not allowed to rest as they right away had an extra training session at the Vienna International School. According to Mr. Beach, varsity girls soccer head coach, the coaches wanted to be sure their players were well prepared for the upcoming games.

On Saturday, September 24th the girls played 2 games, and the boys played 3. The girl’s first game against Vienna International School was a disaster, but they did not let that bring them down. They came back after just a few hours and won with the same team 2-1. The male team tied their first two games with the score of 1-1 for the first match, and 0-0 for the second. In the last game they played, they managed to get back and win 2-1.

According to the coaches, overall it was a successful day of games for the warrior teams. Everyone improved and got valuable practice time before the upcoming SCIS tournaments on October 14-15. The boys team is traveling, but the girls are hosting at ASW.

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Pictures taken by Kornelia Kucharska

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