Soundtrack of my life – with Lily Hübert

by Emily Brownsey

The “Soundtrack of my life” series is something I’ve wanted to do with the ASW community for a long time. Each person Diana and I interview are encouraged to share 6 tracks that represent a memorable time in their lives, they’re not necessarily their favourite songs. It gives us an opportunity to share new tunes, and introduce someone you may not know by giving a special insight into their life in music.

Our first guest is a fellow senior, Lily Hübert…

Emily: Hey Lily! So talk us through the first track you’ve brought today.

  • 7 – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Lily: Catfish and the Bottlemen are one of my favourite bands. Before 7 came out I had already memorized all the lyrics, because I watched the acoustic version like a million times … and every single version of the acoustic version. By the time the song officially came out I had already fallen in love with it. It kind of got me through exams last year because I kept turning to a new tab and watching the videos over and over again while studying.

Emily: If you were to look back on your 17 year old self, would CATB be one of the bands that defined your youth?

Lily: I think they would be. It may be because the lyrics are so raw and you can relate to them as a 17 year old. They’re also young and we get to see them progress.

Diana: What distinguishes this song from their other songs?

Lily: One of the lyrics “forget the time cos we’re 7 hours behind” is relatable because we are so used to these time zones and it’s a different way of looking at missing someone.

  • Palapa – Porter

Lily: So I was at camp in California for two weeks, and on the last day we had a party, a “fiesta” themed party. The camp was kind of artsy but also quite nerdy, some people were there for music production. People were taking their phones and putting the aux cord in and one guy started playing this song and I remember sitting there and it was so beautiful. It made me think about all the memories I made with the people around me. I asked him what the song was and listened to it later. It still reminds me of that time…

  • Walkway blues – M83

Lily: It reminds me of the summer because it got really popular and then we saw them in concert at Open’er. It just reminds me of having fun and being with friends and enjoying the “music festival vibe”. It’s also one of the songs that defines the album, it’s really innovative. Their energy on stage was amazing and I sorta fell in love with the guitarist, and I was obsessing over this song because he sings in it.

Emily: I always think of the songs that really defined a music festival I’ve been to, would Walkway Blues be one of those?

Lily: It’s probably not one of the songs that first comes to my mind, but when I hear it that’s the memory I go back to.

  • Rum Rage – Sticky Fingers

Lily: Sticky Fingers is one of my favourite bands, I got into them last winter. This song reminds me of when I went to Mexico, they have a very significant “surf vibe”. One of lyrics is “going to place where the credit cards don’t decline on me”. It’s a place where you just lose all your worries. It’s really calming when I hear it, it reminds me of sleeping on the beach. I think it’s one of their prettiest songs. The Sticky Fingers concert was one of the best concerts I’ve been to because it was a small venue and I knew all the songs they played. Everyone was there just to have a good time, there was no stress. When you see someone live it’s like you don’t realise they’re an actual person until you see them on stage . I do have a story about seeing them at a festival. [Sticky Fingers] were walking around and I saw the lead singer TWICE. After seeing him twice, I was like, “okay, next time I see them, I’m gonna ask for a picture”. And then I didn’t see him again, but I did get a picture with the drummer!

Emily: If you could go back and ask the lead singer anything, what would it be? I say “never meet your heroes” but ...

Lily: I’d probably ask him, what’s really worth it after high school? … What do you really value in your life? He seems like he’s really in touch.

  • Diamonds – Thaiboy Digital

Lily: I was really obsessed with Yung Lean – its really strange. I still find him really fascinating, the way he breaks all these stereotypes and has his own sound. Thaiboy Digital is one of his friends and Yung Lean is in this song. My friends and I saw him live and it was pretty cool when they played this song. I never imagined myself going to this kind of concert but it wasn’t “typical rap” it was in their own style. I’d never seen so many bucket hats in my life! But we didn’t realize we needed a parent permission slip to get into the concert so we asked everyone around if they had extras and then we had to quickly find a local print shop and sign the papers ourselves.

  • Greek tragedy – The Wombats

Lily: I first heard this when I went to Helsinki with Matilda and we had this playlist for the week I was there. Also, I went to see the Paper Kites last winter and after they were done performing people were just hanging out and this song started playing and it was so nice because it’s a dancing song but at the same time a “thinking about life song”. I’ve always listened to the Wombats since 7th grade when I was getting into this kind of music, this song is iconic for them.

Emily: I think the wombats were one of the first indie bands I listened to as well.

Lily: Yeah they’re very “OG indie”.

Bonus question:

Emily & Diana: If you could pick 5 artists to have dinner with, who would you pick?

  • Ben Howard
  • Mac Demarco
  • Kygo
  • Andrew Vanwyngarden (MGMT)
  • Ben Goldwasser (MGMT)

If you want to listen to Lily’s tunes, here’s the playlist:

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