Undefeated SCIS Volleyball Champions

by Adrianna Carter

Varsity boys’ volleyball returned last Sunday as the undefeated SCIS champions. Following in the older boys’ footsteps, JV won bronze at the tournament in Budapest.

Over the course of 4 matches and 14 sets, only two sets were lost, one in each of two matches –and according to Coach Merritt, the boys “swept the other three sets” in the best of 5 matches.

According to Coach Merritt, one of the critical factors in their success was the ability to play together as a team. He was happy to report that “they liked playing on the court together. We took 9 guys, and all 9 contributed. No one just sat on the bench twiddling their thumbs.”

Now, with this victory under their belts, the boys have their eyes on another prize: the CEESA tournament. “I think we can win,” Coach Merritt said. “Even so, we definitely want to raise the bar of our game.”

Team picture of Varsity and JV Boys’ Volleyball

Pictures taken by Francesco Gerosa

Video shot by Tomek Dyjewski

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