Varsity Volleyball Girls are Ready for CEESA

by Diana Stoyanova

Last weekend (October 13-16) the Varsity Girls Volleyball team went on a trip to Vienna for a two day tournament with the schools in Vienna, Geneva, Zug and Munich. The girls soon realized that they were going against very tough and experienced teams. However, they didn’t give up and kept cheering each other on despite the obstacles they faced.


According to Gabriela Bogusz, even though the girls lost their first three games, they stayed motivated and gave it all they had to win their last game with 3-1. In the end, the team got fourth place and brought home a sportsmanship trophy.

Gabriela says that the tournament was definitely a learning experience that made them stronger as individual players and as a team. The girls now know what they need to work on and are hoping to improve in the next few weeks before CEESA. Overall, Gabriela claims that she is positive for CEESA and hopes that they will do well.


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