Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

by Marta Miracka

Halloween: one of the only days in the year where you have a free pass to look as crazy or bizarre as you want, and be able to pass it off as a silly costume. Yet even among those of us who count down the days to this amazing holiday there are those who forget.  So, here is a list of costumes that are pretty simple, funny: cause a lot of the play on double meanings, and most of all fast and easy to put together.

Warning: beware possible cheesiness!

  1. Facebook


This is by far the simplest one, it’s also quite goofy. All you need to do is take a marker, some kind of eyeliner, or face paint if you have it and write the word book across your face. I recommend putting BO on your right cheek and OK on your right one. Make sure to make them big so it’s visible from far away.

  1. God’s Gift
    This one is also very easy. All you need is: some ribbon (preferably the thicker kind), a stick on name tag (or paper and some pins), a marker, and optionally a bow if you don’t feel like going through the hassle of tying one and maybe some wrapping paper if you really want to complete the look. Then on the name tag write: “God’s gift to woman” or “God’s gift to man.”
  1. Tourist


Nice and easy, all you really need is a map or some sort of camera (maybe a Kodak disposable?) comfortable walking shoes and a backpack. The great bonus of this outfit is that you can dress as lightly or as warmly as you need for whatever you are doing. This is ideal for trick or treating because its comfortable, your candy bag is part of your costume and you don’t have to freeze cause you can bundle up like you would if you were sightseeing all day outside in the fall.

  1. Life Gives You Lemons


This one is a costume version of the age old saying “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”. For this one you can again use a name tag or just print out the word life and pin it on a t-shirt. The other thing you will need is lemons, you can either keep them in the little net bag thing from the store or you can put them in a bowl. Throughout the night don’t forget to offer them to people and you’ll get at least a few laughs.

  1. Rose by Any Other Name


This one is also a play on a common phrase, in this case: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” for this one you need a few roses or a bouquet that you can hold. You will also need a name tag or you can just print out a name of a different flower (Violet?) and pin it onto a shirt, preferably a color similar to the roses, and your set.

  1. 404 Costume Error


For the best effect in this costume it’s best if you can just get a disposable, light colored, plain shirt. Then you will need to use a dark marker and write something along the lines of: “404 Error costume not found”.

  1. Fork in the Road


All you need are three things: white masking tape, a white plastic fork, and one dark plain shirt. Use the masking tape to mark off a road on the body of the shirt, use two long strips vertically (slightly closer towards the neck and further apart towards the hem, to give the illusion of perspective) at a little bit closer to the edges than a quarter of the way in the shirt. Then use smaller pieces and make a dotted line down the middle. Lastly take the plastic fork and attach it toward the top between some of the dotted line with masking tape or possibly hot glue for a stronger hold. Another punnily cheesy play on words easy Halloween costume.

  1. Cat is Out of the Bag


This costume is a variation on the classic cat costume. Get some cat ears and use makeup, face paint, or markers to draw on a nose and whiskers. Then take an old pillow case or just a bag to carry around and you’re good to go.

8,5. Copy Cat


Another possible variation on the classic cat costume is a copycat costume. Follow the same steps from the previous costume for the cat portion. Then take a shirt and either write directly on it in marker or print out and pin on a visible sign saying copycat. To complete the look, carry around two versions of a test or worksheet one filled out and one half filled out with crossed out answers and then marked the identical thing as on the first. It’s funny and an interesting twist on a traditional favorite, enjoy.

+1. Emoji’s


This one is an additional one on the end because it’s not necessarily one specific costume but an idea that give you a lot of options to choose from and put your own spin on without being too difficult. You can use make up, face paint, or markers if need be to draw in the simple lines from one of your favorite emoji’s, maybe throw in a pair of shades and be the Cool emoji. They are easy and generally recognizable and just simple yet quirky enough to not make you look like a weirdo but still let you be a part of the Halloween craziness.

Hope these help you out in that last minute Halloween costume scramble. Modify and change them or maybe just get inspired, and remember to let some of your crazy show, it is Halloween after all.

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