Eating on a Budget: Bierhalle

by Alex Cysarz and Michal Korczewski

Cheap, tasty, and convenient food in Warsaw has become more and more widespread recently, but finding the best restaurant for under 20 can be a challenge; Alex and Michal decided to help you out with that. We visit intriguing restaurants around Warsaw to give you a wide variety of places to go to.


Our first location is located in the newly built Royal Wilanow business center. The restaurant primarily focuses on beer hence the name, Bierhalle which directly translates to beer hall in English. Nevertheless there is still a wide variety of German dishes to choose from. Once you enter the restaurant you will instantly feel as if you were in a traditional restaurant somewhere in Germany. Its design is based on an old fashioned German bar which contributes to the the restaurant’s theme. Not only that, but the waiters wear traditional German clothes. You can also find this theme in the smallest of details, as the cutlery handles are made out of wood.All this contributes to a nice and different atmosphere making it a more attractive place to eat. On the menu, the first thing that stood out was their weekly deal where each day of the week they had something off the menu at a discounted price. It’s a very nice touch, especially if you’re looking for quality food for a good price. The meal that we selected was called the “Bierhalle Burger”. The burger came with a big portion of french fries and a small salad on the side. Additionally, a secret sauce is given to complement the rest of the meal. The burger itself consisted of beef, bacon, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onion and lettuce. The beef could be cooked depending on the way the customer preferred to eat it. Every component of the burger was of good quality, very fresh and nicely prepared. All together the Bierhalle Burger had an undeniably great taste that was unique to that specific restaurant. Nowhere else, will you be able to replicate that original taste. The burger, and any soft drink was under the price of 20 PLN. This is a great bang for your buck, and it’s definitely worth trying.


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