Pilots Make Dream Come True

by Sara Motlik

On Thursday, November 3rd, at 9pm, Twenty One Pilots performed in Warsaw’s Torwar Hall. Seeing the concert was one of my dreams come true.

From their hometown near Columbus, Ohio, to a tour of 58 nearly sold out shows worldwide – Twenty One Pilots have achieved great success over the last four years. Their real breakthrough came in 2015, when their hit single “Stressed Out” landed high on the Billboard Top 100 chart. 

While standing bunched together with around four thousand screeching, mostly teenage fans, I came to the realisation of just how important their music is to me. The words come to me easier than those I write myself.

Tyler Joseph, the band’s lead singer and lyricist, writes words that I can relate to, and hearing those words sang out with his unique, calming voice, with him standing just metres away from me, is something I was willing to wait in the kilometre-long line outside the venue for. Although I was standing in a crowd of strangers, I felt like I knew the people around me a little better because I felt connected to them through the music. Seeing girls with colorful hair and pixie cuts and boys with tears in their eyes while belting out the lyrics to their favourite songs made me feel like we were all there for a reason, and I was curious what their stories were.

The stage was decorated with screens on which cover art from the band’s newest album “Blurryface” was displayed. On it stood the drum kit and a piano, from which the drummer is known to do a backflip during every show.

Towards the end, the band got to their closing number entitled “Trees.” It is a mostly peaceful song, with touching lyrics, but after that night it will never be the same to me. Just before it, Tyler thanked his bandmate, skilled drummer and special human Josh Dun, and stood mid-stage to address his fans for awhile. He told us how much he appreciated our support and wished he could get to know each and every one of us individually, and then proceeded to go on about how life is short and we should make the best of it. At that point, despite my usual mindset that artists say things like that just to gain sympathy, I felt like he really meant it.

Having addressed his fans directly in other songs, for example in “Truce,” in which he sings “stay alive, stay alive, for me,” Tyler has developed a bond to his fans, something that was clear throughout the whole show. The band’s songs often tackle topics like depression, suicide prevention, and other mental difficulties in general. Several of his songs encourage his fans, who he calls “frens,” to never give up, no matter how hard it may get, and, at least to me, there is just something authentic and reassuring about that. On the night of November 3rd, I once again felt that acceptance and support for which I fell in love with Twenty One Pilots in the first place.

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