Reviewing Anime – 91 Days

By Qingyu Chai and Maxwell Nicely

So, what is 91 Days? It is a Japanese animated TV series, also known as anime, which is set during the Prohibition (nationwide alcohol ban from 1920 to 1933 in the United States). The story takes place in a town called Lawless, where the local Mafia gangs control everything. The anime follows a boy called Avilio Bruno whose parents fell victim to the Mafia and who will do anything to get his revenge.

It is an original anime (not based on a manga or novel) that aired from July 2016 to October 2016. It is currently listed as completed with 12 episodes, and stands as a standalone series with no sequels or spinoffs. It is rated for more mature audiences due to violence and profanity and is not recommended for children. The anime isn’t based on a particular historic event, but instead takes from the era as a whole.

The American setting is unique for anime, as they are usually set in a Japanese society.  The place changes throughout the show; it goes from calm to intense and back to calm again. Although the anime features a lot of shooting, that’s not all it is about. There are many other themes: Illegal Alcohol trade that kept the gangs going, intergang conflicts, and the value of friendship. This helps explain the genres of Drama, Action and Historical.

The young Avilio Bruno gets involved in a conflict between the two major mafia families of Lawless in order to take revenge for the death of his family. The story follows him through a period of 91 days, where he goes to the extreme to enact his vengeance. The story is unpredictable due to several plot twists throughout the show.

The personalities of the characters in 91 Days perfectly correlate to the setting. Each character fullfills their role within a mafia family with some being extremely loyal while others won’t even blink upon betraying their partners. The main character is ruthless at times but he can also show compassion. He goes through a metamorphosis; at the end, he is a completely different person.

Overall, we would rate the anime 8.5 out of 10. It was a nice change of both story and setting from typical anime. For us, it was really interesting to see something different for once. There aren’t a lot of anime set in this kind of place and time, and it was nice learning more about life during that time period. The show was well paced, and the characters were interesting. Overall, we think this is a great show.

Link to the show:

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