Fall Sports Teams Come Home

by Sneha Ramshanker

Last week, all the high school sports teams travelled to various places to compete in CEESA and SCIS tournaments. Overall, this year’s fall season ended very successfully for all the teams. Here are the results of the tournaments:

JV Boys Soccer 

“We went to Moscow and we played in -10 degrees on a pitch full of snow. It was a fun experience and we got second place!” – Roi (11)


Varsity Boys Soccer

The Varsity Soccer Boys went to Romania and came first! Erik (11) summarised the entire trip with the words, “Great memories, undefeated, too much Seb, and a nice air hostess”.


Varsity Girls Soccer

The Girls soccer team travelled to Kiev and overall placed 6th and and won the sportsmanship award. “We did well. We had more than 20 shots on goal” said So Yee. In the end, all three of the forwards: SoYee (11), Louisa (9), and Luisa (12) scored during the tournament.


Varsity Volleyball Girls and Boys

Varsity Volleyball Girls and Boys travelled to Prague. The girls won third place and the boys came second!


JV Girls Volleyball

The JV Girls Volleyball team travelled to Basel and came fourth out of nine teams.

Cross Country

“The high school cross country team traveled to Tbilisi, Georgia over the weekend and competed against 12 other schools. The high school boys came in 4th place overall and Luka Miele won silver in the 5 kilometer race placing 2nd out of 59 runners”- Dominik (11)

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