JV Girl’s Volleyball Returns from Switzerland

by Taylor Bata

The Junior Varsity Girl’s Volleyball team finished fourth out of nine at the SCIS Tournament in Basel, Switzerland.

The girls played five matches in total, and put forth a great effort in each one. They won two of the games, and sadly lost the other three by only a couple of points. The team can all agree that the most exciting game was the first one played. In this game they faced Munich and were able to win the set and game by using their well developed skills to reach 25 points after being down13 to 20.

Even though this was the only tournament the JV Girls will play in this year, they all displayed teamwork, understanding of the game, and support for each other. “I think the point that we started at the beginning of the season was miles away from the point we ended at in the end. It is amazing how much everyone improved,” Coach Stutz stated at the end of the tournament. Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 19.38.15.png

The Final Game versus Vienna 

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