A Warrior News Health Routine

by Ola Kacprzynska and Patryk Wlodarczyk

Part 1: The Workout

Get motivated to achieve a better lifestyle, healthier look and improve your life by using this 3 days example of workout program. If you are between 16 and 45 years old and have an average level of fitness, this workout program is meant especially for you! We can help you stay in good shape and keep fit. We will make you proud of your own achievements and we will try to change your bad eating and workout habits. Exercising is very important, but do not forget about a healthy diet; you cannot gain positive results without staying on an appropriate diet. Get inspired!

Don’t forget to warm up with some easy exercises or mild stretching before you do any physical activity.

The best option to organize your workout time is to exercise every 2 days, so that you do your workout 3-4 times per week.

Here are some basics examples of exercises. Repeat each exercise 16 times, 14 times, 12 times, 10 times, 8 times and 6 times. It should take 30 min to complete each workout.

Day 1:

Cross body single arm snatch

Place a weight by your left foot and stand with feet hip distance. Bend at the knees and reach down to grab the weight with the right hand and “snatch” it up to above the right shoulder. Keep your knees slightly bent and maintain a neutral spine at all times. Be sure to avoid bending from the middle back. Keep abdominals engaged to support the lower back.1

Sumo squats

Stand with feet at shoulder distance and your toes pointing out to ten o’clock and two o’clock. Place a weight between your knees and squat down to pick it up, sitting your burn back so your knees do not go too far over your toes. Push up through your heels. Keep back straight throughout the movement. Try to get deep enough so the weight touches the ground between each repetition.



This is an explosive movement that must be done with speed. Punch both hands directly out in front of the body, using a light weight in one hand or no weight. Keep abs tight to work the core. Don’t overextend the elbow joint when punching.3

Crab squat

Starting in a low position with your right hand touching the ground next to your right foot quick crab  step to your left and touch your left hand down next to your left foot.


Day 2:

Clean and press

Start with a weight in the squat position, with the weight beside your ankles. The quickly squat and stretch up again into a standing position, rotating the wrists when you get to shoulder height so that you can explosively press the weights above your head. Repeat. Ensure to bend your knees and keep your back supported throughout the movement by engaging your abs.5

Squat thrusts (alternate legs)

In full- military push up position on the floor, bring one knee at a time toward the chest and alternate legs. This is a fast action exercise, so do it as fast as possible.


Half man makers (press and lift)

Start in a push-up position, either on your toes or knees. Press down to the floor and up, then lift the right arm in a row motion, then press again and lift left arm in a row motion. Repeat. Keep elbows close to the body when rowing. Maintain a straight spine and try not to drop your hips.


Static front raise + squat

Sit with the bum back in a sumo squat position and hold a moderate weight directly in front of the body at shoulder height for the full 16- second count. Try to relax the shoulders as much as possible. Keep your posture strong to support your lower back.  8

Day 3:


Jump in the air with one hand reaching toward the ceiling. Bend down and place both hands on the floor, jump back with both feet into push-up position. Jump your knees forwards and finish in an upright position. 9

Lunges with torso rotation

Hold a weight and lunge forward with the right leg. As you lower to the floor, rotate the weight to the right side. Lunge back and repeat on the left side. Ensure you take a large step. Sink the weight centrally so both knees are roughly at 90 degrees.10

Bell ringers

Start with feet in sumo squat position and hold one weight in both hands. Swing the dumbbell up above the head as if “ringing a bell” and then bring the weight back down between the legs. It is very important to keep the back straight throughout the entire movement and to keep the abs tight.


Mason twists rotations

Sit down on the floor with a dumbbell on your lap. Rotate the dumbbell side to side as quickly as possible, make sure your chin is up and your back is straight. To make this exercise more difficult, pull legs up off the floor. Keep the abs engaged throughout the whole exercise.


Part 2: The Diet

Workout is only a part of a healthy routine, and diet is the other part. Diet isn’t about eating little; it’s about eating healthily, usually more often, and in small proportions.

Breakfast  it’s the most important meal of the day, so it should be the richest one. However, not everyone has time to make breakfast when in rush to work/school.

Every morning I make a homemade juice or smoothie.


I basically mix fruits and vegetables with water. Based on your preference you can pick what goes into the juice, here’s what I do::

  • rocket salad, tomato, apple, and pear +water
  • Carrot, apple, rocket salad, and pear + water
  • Paprika, apple, rocket salad, pear + water
  • Cucumber, pear, rocket salad + water


It’s just a mix of fruits with milk and yoghurt. Just like with the juices it depends on your taste and you can pick what to put in it. Regardless here are some ideas of what I do::

  • banana, coconut and cinnamon + milk and yoghurt
  • Frozen blueberry, raspberry, apple + milk and yoghurt

To the drink I make cereal Muesli with yoghurt. If I have more time I make eggs or just simple sandwich/ toast. 13

Morning break  I often eat 2 bananas because they fill me up quickly, or I buy the oatmeal at school. But If you don’t want to buy anything you can bring a sandwich from home or a wrap.

During class  Here at school no teacher has commented on me eating during class, so a small snack in class could be a mix of nuts or cut vegetables, in case you become hungry before lunch.


Lunch Break  I often bring lunch from home and warm it up at school or I buy a salad.

Home Lunch

I often make simple pasta with spices and olive oil, or with pesto. Sometimes I also make a millet with vegetables. Millet specifically is very healthy because it’s gluten free and it makes you full very quickly, for me ⅓ of my lunch box is enough for me.



In the cafeteria, the healthiest thing is the salad bar. The servers will make the salad based on your liking, so you make your own salad.  

After school  If you take part in sports, I would recommend a fruit or vegetable snack for after practice. You can bring a box with cut vegetables and fruits to not starve before getting home.


Dinner  Dinner varies with each culture, but in my house we always have soup and a second dish. This keeps me often filled for the rest of the night but sometimes I make an extra smoothie or I just eat fruits. Keep in mind that it’s not healthy to eat a lot before sleep so, if after dinner you’re still hungry, eat something light.

Most of all HYDRATE, drink a lot of water! It’s significant to get rid of toxins in the body. Nevertheless water also fills you up so you eat less. Moreover, if you’re on a sport team bring a bottle of water to practice because during practice you sweat and if you don’t drink you will dehydrate your body.


Cheat Day  after a long time of not eating sweets or chips you become desperate, so to be fit and enjoy all foods, many dieticians recommend one cheat day a week. This day doesn’t mean to go full out and eat all your meals at McDonalds, rather than it’s for you to loosen up your reins and have a cookie or maybe one slice of cake for the day.



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