The Last Season of Teen Wolf is Here (!)

by Marta Miracka

It is the beginning of the end. The first episode of the last season of Teen Wolf is here.

The Beacon Hills pack is back and in more danger than ever, this time people are being completely erased from existence. The Wild Hunt is on, a dark myth of horsemen erasing every trace of a person even from the memory of their loved ones, as if they never existed. Despite everybody’s worry about the return of Dylan O’brien due to his injury on the set of Maze Runner’s Death Cure the writer Jeff Davis’s hopeful comments of O’brien’s enthusiasm to return as long he was physically able proved true.

Yet his return is almost bitter sweet since this season is reportedly centered on his fate as a victim of The Wild Hunt. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I recommend doing it prepared with comfort food and possibly tissues. The producers are walking a fine line between tear jerking entertainment and provoking fan outrage over the fate of everybody’s favorite spaz.

I won’t spoil anything for you because this is one of those things that you need to see in person and experience without being prepared. Let’s just say it’s off to a very promising start for a strong final season.

Since it is the final season though, the writers are definitely under a lot of pressure and scrutiny by the fandom. Every fan has their own list of things that absolutely have to be resolved and revealed before the tv show can be considered finished.

I think one of the most common requirements is that we find out Stiles’ name. For those who do not know Stiles is a nickname used by everyone on the show since his real name is apparently unpronounceable. Last season we got our biggest hint yet which is that it begins with the letter M. as shown his library card as he was disposing of it to validate the story that he had lost it.

One other seemingly common fan head cannon is Stydia, the relationship between Stiles (the token human) and Lydia (the genius banshee). As of last season, and in the first episode of season six, there seem to be more and more hints at this long fan favorite relationship.

So far they have started with a bang, but will it live up to its grand expectations or will the producers have an angry mob on their hands?

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