Eating on a Budget: Bobby Burger

by Michal Korczewski and Alex Cysarz

The next location that we payed a visit to is called Bobby Burger, can be found in various places in the center of Warsaw as it is a chain restaurant but, on a much smaller scale than all the mainstream fast food restaurants. Whilst we were there, we asked the chef a couple questions regarding the restaurant. Firstly we asked about the idea behind Bobby Burger. According to him “the owners of the restaurant were originally inspired by the American street food culture. Moreover, they wanted to bring a stop to people eating unhealthy food that came from questionable sources.” We also asked how Bobby Burger started off. “In 2012 the brand Bobby Burger was not actually a restaurant. In fact it started off as one small grey food truck that travelled the streets of Warsaw. It became very trendy and after a year Bobby Burger opened up their first restaurant. Ever since then the brand has been expanding, not only in Warsaw but other major cities around Poland.”

As you can tell from the name, their specialities are burgers, but not to worry! If you aren’t into Burgers that much you can also check out the “Things” section of the menu; this section offers a variety of meals such as Quesadillas, Wraps, or even Wings. Drinks wise there is quite a lot to choose from, you can go with a traditional coke or sprite, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can try out the seasonal lemonade, or one of the John Lemon lemonades. Alex decided to go with a Classic Burger and a coke (17.50ł), while Michal decided to spend almost all of his “allowance” on a Cheese Bacon Burger and extra “American” and “Gouda” cheese to top it off (20zł). After less than 10 minutes of waiting, we were already greeted with 2 burgers in front of us. The Cheese Bacon burger felt very premium, with the meat being easy to chew, and made exactly how it was ordered. It was very clear to both of us that the food that was used to compose the burgers were of very good quality. Although it was massive, the burger wasn’t that difficult to eat, and thanks to a massive plate the food didn’t fall on the table, or on the person eating it. Michał gave it a 9/10, with the only complaint being the expensive cheese additions. The Classic Burger was much smaller in size compared to Cheese Bacon burger but still was large enough to kill your cravings. As expected this burger was quite plain, and could have used some more cheese on it, or even a brioche bread to spice things up a bit. Overall Alex gave the burger a lower score of 8/10, with the complaints regarding a lack of cheese in burger, and not the best bread. Either way, we were both very satisfied with the burgers and the service. If you’re looking for a superb lunch at a casual location, look no further.


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