Speech and Debate Comes Home Successful

by Sneha Ramshanker

In the CEESA Speech and Debate tournament that took place in Budapest this year, ASW won medals (or trophies) in four out of the five categories. Penelope Gerosa and Kasia Hope won first place for duet acting, Diana Stoyanova and Amy Oh came third for debate, Sneha Ramshanker came third for impromptu, and Kasia Hope won third for Oral Interpretation.

Overall, teams from nine different school competed in this tournament. The competition was tough, and everyone did extremely well in their events. Throughout this intensive tournament, we bonded together as a team and constantly supported one and another. In fact, by the end, we all became so close that we were almost like a ‘complex family’.

Our conversations were always filled with Speech and Debate jokes, such as Zach’s “I’m aff” puns, our lip sync battle song ideas, and a potential ‘smooth off’.

The most unique part of speech and debate which you don’t get in any sport is that you bond through arguing” says Magda, one of the team captains. The best part of this trip, was that not only did we all become close and we were extremely successful in all our events, but we also got to meet some great people from other schools, and reconnect with old friends.

This was one of the most fun trips I have been on and I am really looking forward to the Spring In-House tournament!


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