Eating on a Budget: Toan Pho

by Michal Korczewski and Alex Cysarz

Walking down the street you might not expect that this little restaurant located on Ul. Chmielna 5/7 intersecting Nowy Świat will have such delicious food at such a low price; after all it’s located right in the city center. The small venue is quite easy to walk past, it’s not very extravagant and compared to its neighbouring competition, it’s very small. If you decide to walk in you will be greeted by a welcoming smell of food being cooked, and people chattering happily. You will also be surprised by how busy it is for such a small place. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very cordial. Everyone on the staff has a smile on their face and are pleased to serve you, hoping that you enjoy the food from their own country. Furthermore, Toan Pho gives off the impression of a proper Vietnamese restaurant due to the fact that everyone that works there is originally from Vietnam. This also reassures you that the food that they will serve you is proper traditional food passed on through generations. At the other end of the restaurant is the counter where a man that barely speaks Polish or English will take your order. Sometimes you might experience some difficulties understanding what they are trying to communicate but it shouldn’t cause too much trouble. The choices are absolutely endless but we recommend getting a soup, or some spring rolls. The spring rolls will set you back 11zł, but they are enough to leave you full for a few hours, and the soups range from 10 to 20 zł. In addition you can get a Coke, Sprite, Fanta, or Nestea for the standard 5zł. You are guaranteed quality food when you order from here, and you will undeniably be satisfied with whatever you choose to eat. With all that aside, everything on the menu is worth the price, and you will definitely not leave feeling hungry.

One thought on “Eating on a Budget: Toan Pho

  1. Ooh it’s good! I lived in Hanoi for 6 months and fell in love with the people, the culture, but especially the food! So when I tried the food at Toan Pho I was really surprised by how tasty and authentic it was!


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