It’s Play Week at ASW

by Ola Kacprzynska

This week is Play Week in the high school, and there many ways to get involved. Perhaps most importantly, the high school production of A MidSummer Night’s Dream is coming up on Dec 2 (Friday) at 4:30pm in the Theater, and on Dec 3 (Saturday) at 5pm

In addition to the play, play week will feature the Battle of the Zloty, a competition between grade levels. There will be containers out near the cafeteria ( during morning break and lunch), where everyone will be dropping in coins. However, what you want to do is drop the gold coins into your own grade level for positive points, and silver coins into the other grade levels for negative points. The grade level that will have the most positive points will win a sweet surprise. This fundraiser is for donating money to Linin Refugee Centre.

[ gold coins :: 5 zl and 2zl] [silver coins/money: 1 zl, 10zl.]

Wednesday is the Bake Sale.

Thursday will feature a Photo Booth with Shakespeare-inspired accessories

Friday is the Popcorn sale + Play tickets

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