ASW Concert Season Arrives this Week

by Amy Oh

On Tuesday and Thursday this week, ASW will have its first music concerts of the school year. The choir concert is on the 6th, followed by the band concert on the 8th.

The ASW choir, getting ready to choir. Photo by Toby Brunt, ASW Communications.


According to Ms.Bechdoldt, the ASW choir director, there will be a variety of songs in the choir concert, ranging from modern songs such as “White Winter Hymnal” by the Fleet Foxes, to a more classic 16th-century canon “Sing Dem Herrn.”

The choir will also perform a medley of “Deck the Hall” and “Jingle Bells”. Ms. Bechdoldt says that the audience can look forward to the Christmas-themed songs that will be performed by the men’s choir and the women’s choir. Ms. Bechdoldt further adds that “The boys’ song is charming and has a strong, full sound, with amazing jazz piano by Geunseok Song, a grade 9 student.  The girls’ piece is fun, cute, and reminiscent of the 1940’s American pop-jazz groups like The Andrews Sisters”.

The holiday atmosphere will be continued on the band concert, with the 6th grade band performing “Jingle Bells” and the 7/8 band playing three Polish carols.

These concerts will be different from past ones. For one, both directors are new to ASW this year. Ms. Bechdoldt is “extremely excited to conduct an ASW choir concert for the first time”. Mr. Armstrong says he was impressed by how ASW encourages students to be well-rounded and is “looking forward to the performances of our ASW band kids and their opportunity to show their talents”.

Both the middle and high school bands will be performing on Thursday; in previous years they have had separate concerts. Some of the pieces that will be played by the different bands include “Regal March”, “Take Five”, “Instant Carmen”, and “Stille, Stille, Stille”.

Although the recent fire in the school has caused disruption on the rehearsals, both groups have been working to polish their performances. Students practice during class periods and are encouraged to make improvements at home.

The choir concert tomorrow will be closed with an uplifting Canadian pop-choral piece “We Rise Again”, with all choir class members ranging from grades 6 to 12. Ms. Bechdoldt adds that the “audience will be sure to leave the concert with beautiful harmonies ringing in their ears.”

Both concerts are in the ASW auditorium beginning at 6:00 pm, the choir concert on Tuesday and the band concert on Thursday.

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