The Weekly Recommendation: Arrival

by Marta M. Miracka

So I might be a little late to the party but I still feel I should put my two cents in and recommend Arrival. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry I get it, we all live under the same rock called school work and IB. This is one movie worth climbing out for though, especially for those of us in TOK since it looks at a few of the same questions about perspective, perception, language, and their importance in knowledge and communication. Don’t worry though, it’s not boring, I swear, but it’s not one of those movies that you can sit through without thinking either.

If I were to compare it to another movie, I’d say it’s something along the lines of Interstellar. Making you think, wonder, and ask question, possibly leaving you with more of them than it answers. The element of aliens is approached in such a scientific way that it puts just barely enough distance between between the viewer and the events of the movie to not absolutely doom you to an extended existential crisis, though it can if you let it.

I’ll try and not spoil too much of the plot since it really is worth seeing. In broad stokes, the story centers on Amy Adams’ character Louise Banks a renowned linguist. Brought in, along with several other specialists, by the government in reaction to several alien pods, with unknown intentions, landing across the globe.

I recommend paying close attention while you are watching though, as there are somethings you need to read between the lines and little details you need to connect which will only make sense in the end.

The cinematography and CGI work is stellar and the acting serves the plot well. In addition to Amy Adams we also have Jeremy Renner playing a top notch physicist and a bit of a partner in crime to Banks.

I think it is overall a fantastic movie, interesting and not too similar to things that have been done before and will give you some food for thought.

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