The Start of a New Era in ASW Design

by Taylor Bata Many people at ASW are already aware of the Design Center. Its futuristic white walls and open concept work spaces stand out in a school made up of beige floor tiles and light yellow hallways. The Center has been hosting classes and after school clubs since August of 2016, but on January 26th, it had its Grand Opening.   Students, teachers, parents … Continue reading The Start of a New Era in ASW Design

The SAT: An Expensive Way to Spend Your Morning

by Sneha Ramshanker Last Saturday at 7:30 AM, a large group of students were waiting in line at ASW, with No.2 pencils and calculators in hand, ready to take the SAT, a standardised test used in many US college admission processes. According to Petersons, a company that produces SAT test prep materials, around 78% of Universities worldwide require the SAT for admissions. Furthermore, a research … Continue reading The SAT: An Expensive Way to Spend Your Morning

Library Reopens after Fire

by Annabell Werner After the fire on the November 30th 2016, the ASW library was closed due to smoke damage. Now it reopens after over a month of renovation. Since Thursday, January 19th students have been welcome to go and use the library again. According to Mrs. McComb the cleaning was a massive job, because of a thick black cloud settling down on the surface of … Continue reading Library Reopens after Fire

Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament

by Tina Nguyen Today and tomorrow, all high students are encouraged to sign up for the Athletics Council’s annual dodgeball tournament. The tournament starts next Tuesday lunch. This Friday lunch, the Athletic Council will be selling popcorn, but everyone who is signed up until then will get some for free! To enter the tournament, you will need to: – Have a max of 10 people … Continue reading Upcoming Dodgeball Tournament

The ASW 2017 Resolutions, Continued

by Ola Kacprzynska ASW STUDENTS AND THEIR 2017 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION New Year is a time when everyone tries to change their flaws and become a better person. I’ve asked few of the ASW HS students to talk about their New Year’s resolution for 2017. Will 2017 be New Year New ASW? Name: Lucas James Grade: 12 What was your 2016 New Year’s resolution? Did … Continue reading The ASW 2017 Resolutions, Continued

Gold Lamborghini Crash Warsaw

by Michal Korczewski and Alex Cysarz Usually people do not have much of an interest in minor traffic incidents. However, that was not the case in Warsaw on the 1st of January. During the first day of the new year at around 19:00,  a golden Lamborghini Aventador crashed with another car in the center of Warsaw. As reported by the police, the crash happened where Nowy … Continue reading Gold Lamborghini Crash Warsaw