Cafeteria Reopens after Fire

by Jeong Bin Lee

After more than a month of work and renovation, on Monday, January 9th, 2017, the ASW students were welcomed back into the reopened cafeteria.

Photo by Jeong Bin Lee
Photo by Jeong Bin Lee

When entering the new cafeteria, the most notable feature is the brighter blue lighting inside of the cafeteria due to the installation of LED ceiling lights. There are also newer and larger beverage coolers, repaved floor tiles, and new tints of painting colored on the walls and kitchen.

Student opinion on the renovations was mixed. Approximately half of the students interviewed believe that the cafeteria has became better than in the past. “It has became brighter, cleaner, and the walls look more appealing,” said Mr. Raggio, the high school P.E. teacher.  

The other half regarded the cafeteria as being virtually unchanged. The cafeteria did not receive any comments to the effect that the cafeteria was better before the renovation. Theodore Dokla, a 9th grade student said “I don’t think that anything is different. Nothing really major has changed.”

However, a few students reckoned that the cafeteria has only changed in its appearance and neglected improving the most important factor: the food. “The place became brighter, but the food did not change. The mood is better but the food could be better,” said Dohyun Kim, 9th grader at ASW.

Many students and teachers regarded the fire incident with humour, optimistically viewing December’s fire as an occasion for the cafeteria’s improvement.

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