Eating on a Budget: Kebab King

by Michal Korczewski and Alex Cysarz

With the school cafeteria burning down, the loved-by-everyone kebabs weren’t available to buy for a while. However, if you happen to be a diehard kebab fan, like Michal, surely you searched for a replacement. If that is the case, we found the right thing for you! Welcome to Kebab King.

This chain restaurant will host you in over 14 locations in Warsaw, and a total of 23 restaurants (one of which is in the home country of the kebab, Turkey). According to one of the employees, the restaurant tries to “imitate an eastern climate.” This is done by displaying landscapes and artifacts from the Kurdistan region, as the staff member said.

The menu is quite astounding; your Kebab will be made exactly to your liking. Personally, we recommend choosing the Kebab, but if you’re really hungry for something other than a Kebab, the Moussaka (A mix of eggplant, zucchini, and cheese) is quite a tasty lunch. Michal’s kebab of choice is the Mega Beef and Chicken kebab with the mild sauce, and vegetables. This kebab guarantees a smooth taste, and a satisfactory size. In addition to this Kebab, you can also grab a 0.5 liter Pepsi, and you’ll still end up paying only 19.50 zł. If you’re looking for a hot lunch or dinner at home, you can also order from the website, or by selecting your nearest restaurant and calling the number provided on the site. The chain promises to provide hot kebabs within their delivery range, at no cost (if you spend over 20 zł). Kebab King is the perfect location if you’re looking for a large, affordable, and tasty lunch or dinner.


Photo Credits:Kebab King

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