Gold Lamborghini Crash Warsaw

by Michal Korczewski and Alex Cysarz

Usually people do not have much of an interest in minor traffic incidents. However, that was not the case in Warsaw on the 1st of January. During the first day of the new year at around 19:00,  a golden Lamborghini Aventador crashed with another car in the center of Warsaw.

As reported by the police, the crash happened where Nowy Świat and Świętokrzyska street intersect each other. The Lamborghini, which was being rented at the time, started moving at a slow speed onto the intersection however, it had a red light. Unfortunately, the driver did not realise that there was a honda that was approaching him on his right side, and so the honda slammed into the front of the Lamborghini. Because the Lamborghini driver was in the wrong he was given a 500zł fine as well as well as 6 penalty points, according to

According to Asia (creator of the video seen below), one of the people that witnessed the whole event, the driver of the golden lamborghini did not exit his vehicle for a long time after the crash as he was having a hard time believing what has just happened and did not want to look at the aftermath of the crash, thinking that the damage would have been immense. The damage to the gold car was not very serious, however given that the car’s retail value is around $400,000, the repair costs will be quite substantial. From assessing the damaged visual parts of the car, the entire front bumper, right headlight and bonnet will have to be replaced, although some mechanical and electrical parts might need replacing simultaneously.

With all the damaged aside, what is most important from all this is the fact that everyone walked away from the collision without any injuries. It’s scary to imagine what would have happened if any of those cars were going faster than in reality.


Photo: Damian Ochrymowicz Car Photography

lambo-2Photo: Damian Ochrymowicz Car Photography

lambo-3Photo: Damian Ochrymowicz Car Photography

Watch the video here:



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