Library Reopens after Fire

by Annabell Werner

After the fire on the November 30th 2016, the ASW library was closed due to smoke damage. Now it reopens after over a month of renovation. Since Thursday, January 19th students have been welcome to go and use the library again.


According to Mrs. McComb the cleaning was a massive job, because of a thick black cloud settling down on the surface of about 45,000 books. It took the team of cleaners 5 weeks to clean the air with ozone machines, to vacuum the surface of all the affected books and also to shampoo the carpets and all furniture. Furthermore, the ceiling had to be replaced, because the tiles absorbed the smell and smoke.

During the cleaning the librarians had to improvise and build up a mini library into the Elementary Tower, where students were able to turn back the books they borrowed earlier.

According to Ms. McComb, now that the library is running it is much easier for the staff to go back into daily routine. “We are delighted to be back in the library,” she said.  “What has made us feel even happier is the number of people who have told us how much they missed the library when it was closed.”

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