ASW Knowledge Bowl Team Out-Knowledges Less Knowledgeable Knowledge Bowl Teams

by Jeong Bin Lee

The ASW Knowledge Bowl team traveled to Kiev, Ukraine on Feb. 2nd in order to participate in the annual Knowledge Bowl Tournament. The team, which consisted of 4 student members and 2 supervising coaches, arrived back in Warsaw on the 6th victorious.

Knowledge. Photo by Ms. Stein.
Knowledge. Photo by Ms. Stein.

For the past 7 years, ASW Knowledge Bowl teams have been on a successful streak achievement of either second or the victorious first place. This year’s current Knowledge Bowl team is no exception, living up to the past expectations and succeeding the remarkable first place of the competition.

According to Ms. Stein, the supervisor of the Knowledge Bowl team the last 8 years, the chief principles of the club are educational risk taking and having fun.

Knowledge Bowl season starts in late October/early November, (depending on the year) the practices take place twice a week after school.

During the practices, different subjects such as chemistry, history, and geography are all covered. Furthermore, lots of team members read texts or study maps to enhance their knowledge. This is something equivalent to tutoring, only it is free, extensive, and competitive.

“Some years we have traveled with 3 teams of 4 students each,” said Ms. Stein, “Whereas this year we only have one traveling team of four students.”

“We definitely had more students attend practice than who could travel, but I think that just speaks to how busy students are after school and the number of activities or sports they have to choose from. It’s hard to do it all!” Ms. Stein said.

The Knowledge Bowl club encourages everyone to participate or try out as their goal is to have fun and keeping the stress level low. The thought of answering questions may be intimidating but, to the participants, working in a group and learning from one another is a positive experience. “We celebrate our mistakes just as much as we celebrate our success.  Plus, students on the team get to wear cool bowling shirts so we definitely make a statement,” said Ms. Stein.

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