Swimmers Rock CEESA

by Diana Stoyanova

Last Wednesday, the HS ASW swim team headed to Moscow a two-day CEESA tournament and came back with impressive results.

Overall, the boys came first and the girls came fourth, bringing back 17 gold and 4 silver medals. Max Overwetter, Arsenij Holod, Franek Chiniewicz and Zosia Wajdemajer were named all-stars, which is a way of acknowledging the best swimmers in the competition.

unnamed (3)

This year’s captains, Magda Chmura (12) and Kenji Asakura (12) swam their last race this weekend. Therefore, it was an even more memorable experience for the two of them. Chmura said that “It was great because we got to spend a lot of time as a team and cheer each other on during each other’s races. Even when some of us were disappointed by not getting the place or time they wanted, we all looked past it and kept our focus on performing the best we possibly could in order to score team points.”

According to Asakura, “It was a great team to spend my last ASW trip and CEESA competition with. Everyone was always really positive and motivated each other. We enjoyed the time we spent together; we were always laughing about something. I also can’t believe how many records were broken, and I’m jealous that I won’t be there next year when they’re broken again.”

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