JV Boys Baskeball Tournament

by Sneha Ramshanker

Last weekend, ASW hosted the HS CEESA JV basketball tournament and both the JV boys teams (JV A and JV B) performed extremely well with the JV A team placing 3rd and the JV B team fifth 5th.

Overall, the tournament was packed with action. The boys put all their months of training to the test and fought hard throughout the tournament. Matthew Batchelder (9) – one of the players from the JV B team – said, “We didn’t win all our games, but we played our hearts out. We knew that even if we lost, we weren’t going down without a fight”.


Marcin Iwaniuk (11), a player from the JV A team, said that one of his favourite parts of the tournament was the “pre game talks Coach Weeks gave us.” “Before every game, we would go into the locker room, close our eyes, and imagine making crisp passes, making the perfect shot, and playing the perfect defense. I think this was the reason we did so well,” said Iwaniuk.

But the tournament was not only about playing basketball. It was also about building friendships. Jack Kolenbrander(9), another player for the JV A team, said: “Our team did well but what really mattered was the friendships and bonds we created and strengthened throughout the tournament.”


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