Faces of ASW: In the Cafeteria

by Alex Cysarz and Michał Korczewski

Ms. Kula hard at work. Also, Ms. Bechdoldt buying a coffee.

As you walk down the hallways of the school, you begin to realise that there are a lot of people that you don’t know much about. Usually it is just your fellow classmates and your own teachers that you know something about; however, there are people you see on a daily basis that most of us don’t know much about.

The cafeteria staff falls into that category of people that you may not know too much about. So here is your opportunity to get to know Marta Kula, a cafeteria staff member.

Q: What is a typical day at work for you at ASW?

A: Well, I personally arrive at school at 9:00 AM since that is when my shift starts. When I get here I have to stock the cafeteria with food and drinks before the High School morning break starts. After that, I resupply the shelves again for the Middle School and High School lunch. Once lunch is over, I stock the cafeteria with more products for the final time and then I go on my own lunch break. Not long after student dismissal at 3:20 I go back home.

Q: How did you get to work at ASW?

A: It’s very simple! I saw an ad which was advertising this job through the catering company so I applied for it and got accepted.

Q: And finally, what is your favorite part of this job?

A: For me, it’s when the students come for their breaks to their cafeteria and I get to see their smiling faces.



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