JV Girls Take On CEESA Basketball

by Amy Oh

The CEESA JV Girls Basketball tournament took place in ASW last weekend, 10th to 12th of March. Two equally divided ASW teams participated; the White team came 5th and the Red team came 4th.

Schools from Bucharest, Prague, and Moscow also participated and the Prague Falcons won the 1st place trophy.

According to Coach Berntson, “it was a successful season regardless of the fact that we did not get a trophy”.  She said that the girls were “exceptional teammates for each other”, and she “enjoyed the fun times we had here and there when we just got to hang out”.


Niki Kalmar (11), one of the players, felt the same way. She said, “I liked how the coaches made really sure to always include everyone, and how they would always give personal suggestions to further develop your own skills. The teams really worked together and I think all of us grew from this experience!”

Over the course of the tournament there were many bruises, scratches, jammed fingers, and injuries. Between and during games, the coaches and players ran to get medical and ice packs. Shay Turjanski (9), a player from the White team, injured her ankle in the second game and couldn’t play for the rest of the tournament.

However, the tournament went well overall. Students, parents, and teachers from all parts of the school came to support and cheer the players and many watched the livestream of the games. It was an event that brought the ASW community together.


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