Varsity Boys Basketball Takes 4th in Bucharest

by Annabell Werner

From Wednesday, March 8th to Saturday, March 11th, Varsity Boys basketball travelled to Bucharest, where they finished 4th in the CEESA tournament.

From the beginning of the season the Varsity Boys looked very much forward to competing in the CEESA tournament happening in the end of the season. Getting closer to their meet, the team got closer and created a special bond amongst them”, according to their coach Patrick Kearnan. But the team also faced serval challenges, for example losing players.

After a long season, the team competed in the High school Varsity CEESA tournament in Bucharest, which was also the last basketball game as an ASW Warrior for the Seniors  With their motto to stay focused over the whole game, they got into the semifinals, where they played against the Bucharest. After a semifinal loss they played Prague for 3rd place. Prague hit 12 three pointers on their way to victory, relegating the Warriors to 4th place in the tournament.

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