IB Mock Exams: Good Practice and Absolute Torture

by Adrianna Carter

Last week a large crowds of students could be seen outside of the MPR throughout the day. Signs asked passerby to be quiet. The reason: Mock Exams.

Every year in March, the seniors sit a condensed version of the IB Exams, dubbed “Mocks.” According to Mr. Beach, the IBDP Coordinator, the Mocks give students the chance to experience writing the exams in the IB testing environment for the first time.

Condensing a full month’s worth of exams into a single week was no minor feat. “The hardest part was working around the different groups of students taking different combinations of classes,” Mr. Beach said. The solution was to make two three-hour testing blocks for the hard and social sciences.

When asked to describe the mocks, the two most common responses were “inhumane” and “absolute torture.” Several students felt the schedule was too cramped, because some students had to take up to four papers in a single day.

Kasia Hope said that there wasn’t time to prepare because of how close the mocks were to IA and TOK deadlines. While Mr. Beach acknowledged that fact, he also warned that there is never a good time for mocks: “No matter when mocks are, you’ll always be busy.”

Despite these challenges, 90% of students surveyed said that overall, the mocks were beneficial as the seniors prepare for the real deal in May. Julia Zyzanski and Kasia Hope said that the mocks showed them how ignorant they were. Julia’s advice for future seniors: “Start studying early, and remember to eat!”

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