Faces of ASW: Office Managers

by Amy Oh and Sneha Ramshanker

There are so many people in ASW that help us on a daily basis who we don’t really know about. Ms. Anna Milewska, Ms. Kasia Wodnicka, Ms. Maria Milewska, the office managers, are just a few of them. Get to know a bit more about their stories.


Ms. Anna Milewska

Q: What is a typical day at work for you at ASW?

A: I come to work at 8:00 and turn on TV, then answer phone calls from parents, greet visitors check the schedule, and the rest depends on the day. I need to help with different kind of events that are taking place in HS  for example, if there are mock exams, or IB exams or any coming guests. My job is strongly correlated with Mr. Sheehan, Ms. Bernston and Mr. Beach schedules. I do manage rotation of different kind of information, forms, and help solving everyday small issues f.e. connected to lost idems, lockers etc. Also you can see fruits of one of my tasks when you look at IB Learner Profile TV presentation.Q: How did you get to work at ASW?

Q: How did you get to work at ASW?

A: Years ago I use to work for American Peace Corps in Warsaw and I liked that job but they completed their mission in Poland than I worked for Real Estate Agency. But answering your question I learn about this school through some of my friends working at ASW. I first applied as a substitute and then began working at the office. This is my 4th year working at ASW.

Q: What are the challenges at work?

A: It gets stressful when there is some event or an emergency situation. But in ASW I feel like home, I like the people, I love everything.


Ms. Kasia Wodnicka

Q: What is a typical day at work for you at ASW?

A: I come to work at 9:00. Some people start earlier, later so that the office can be open for a long time. And it’s a little bit crazy in the morning. [I do] attendance, checking the kids that were marked absent. And then it’s pretty much on the day because I can have my schedule but very often it’s not really [fixed]. I have to do some filing [and] send enotes every week. But if I get something scheduled for the day to work on, I have to prioritize. I have to focus on absolutely necessary things because a lot of things need immediate attention – like an emergency situation or disciplinary things. Mr. Sheehan has things he is working on he needs assistance with.

Q: How did you get to work at ASW?

A: I was working in the USAID, which is an aid agency, a government organization and we got closed down in Poland. And I was looking for administration kind of officers and one of the things that came up was the American School of Warsaw.

Q: Ever since then you worked in ASW?

A: Yes. It’s been 16 years. People say “16 years omg such a long time” but people change. The office changes, the administration changes, the concept change, the philosophy sort of changes. It’s pretty much like a new environment every year because of the new kids and parents. Changing of directorship and principalship – so it’s pretty ongoing.

Q: So does the way you work changes depending on who the director or the principal is?

A: Pretty much. Some people are very independent. Other people have a lot of tasks for you. And now I have 2 bosses – Mr.Sheehan and Ms.Berntson.


Ms. Maria Milewska

Q: What is a typical day at work for you at ASW?

A: My typical day at ASW starts at 8:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. On an everyday basis, my job is serving counselors and helping them with students. I take care of arranging progress grades, transcripts, and university visits. I also take care of other documentation like course requests for scheduling next year etc. I also work closely with the admissions office in regards to new students coming in and students that withdraw from the school.

Q: How did you get to work at ASW?

A: This is my 12th year at ASW. Before I was working in a law company downtown that was changing its structure, and even though I was offered a different position, I didn’t want to work there anymore. I learnt about of ASW through the parents of the children I was babysitting. They were moving to back to the states and they asked if I would be interested in this school. After some time when speaking with a friend of mine working at ASW, I started to think about applying for work at ASW. I first applied as a teacher’s aid at the elementary school. Then I got a phone call to become a one-on-one assistant for an Asperger’s boy in pre-K. I worked in this role for half a year and then I went over to work shortly in second grade and middle school. And then I started working in high school.

Q: Is high school the best one?

A: Yes. I love little ones but it was more about taking care of them and not teaching. Here, I can also learn from you guys and it is more fruitful for me.

Q: What are the challenges at work?

A: I find it challenging right now to remember all the names and faces not just at school but also past students who have graduated. Ten years ago, I was able to recognize the graduating year for each student but now it is all misty because there are so many students.

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