JV Girls Take On CEESA Basketball

by Amy Oh The CEESA JV Girls Basketball tournament took place in ASW last weekend, 10th to 12th of March. Two equally divided ASW teams participated; the White team came 5th and the Red team came 4th. Schools from Bucharest, Prague, and Moscow also participated and the Prague Falcons won the 1st place trophy. According to Coach Berntson, “it was a successful season regardless of … Continue reading JV Girls Take On CEESA Basketball

Faces of ASW: In the Cafeteria

by Alex Cysarz and Michał Korczewski As you walk down the hallways of the school, you begin to realise that there are a lot of people that you don’t know much about. Usually it is just your fellow classmates and your own teachers that you know something about; however, there are people you see on a daily basis that most of us don’t know much about. … Continue reading Faces of ASW: In the Cafeteria

JV Boys Baskeball Tournament

by Sneha Ramshanker Last weekend, ASW hosted the HS CEESA JV basketball tournament and both the JV boys teams (JV A and JV B) performed extremely well with the JV A team placing 3rd and the JV B team fifth 5th. Overall, the tournament was packed with action. The boys put all their months of training to the test and fought hard throughout the tournament. Matthew Batchelder (9) – … Continue reading JV Boys Baskeball Tournament

Play it Again: An Inside Look at Athletics at HKIS and ASW

Sports are an integral part of the high school experience in America in a way that they are not in most other places. In fact, as The Atlantic reported in 2013, the United States spends more tax money per high school athlete than it does per high school math student. How does this emphasis on sports work when American schools go overseas? How do student … Continue reading Play it Again: An Inside Look at Athletics at HKIS and ASW

Swimmers Rock CEESA

by Diana Stoyanova Last Wednesday, the HS ASW swim team headed to Moscow a two-day CEESA tournament and came back with impressive results. Overall, the boys came first and the girls came fourth, bringing back 17 gold and 4 silver medals. Max Overwetter, Arsenij Holod, Franek Chiniewicz and Zosia Wajdemajer were named all-stars, which is a way of acknowledging the best swimmers in the competition. This year’s … Continue reading Swimmers Rock CEESA