ASW Pi Record Broken, Then Broken Again

by Alex Buckley

On the 13th of April, ASW held it’s second annual Pi day, although the date did read 4/13 instead of 3/14, the official pi day. The strange date came as a result of seniors having mock exams on the official Pi day, and thus the ASW event was postponed.

Alex, reciting digits. (Photo by Toby Brunt)

During the Pi Day assembly the Pi Reciting competition saw several ASW students place in leaderboards for their countries, including Alex Jintu X. from 9th grade placing second in China with 361 digits, and 11th grader Julia P. placing second in Poland with 221 digits, just 3 digits shy of the Polish record.

Prior to Thursday, the school Pi record was held by Sagiv B. (12) at 324 digits. Sagiv also holds the Israeli national Pi record.

During the Pi Day assembly, Sagiv’s record was beat by Alex Jintu X., whose brief school record was then beat at lunch by 10th grader Jonathan C. Jonathan recited 389 digits.

Ulrika U. from 11th grade also beat a record when she recited 76 digits, a new record for Estonia. The Vietnamese record was also broken by Tina N. (12), who recited a total of 116 digits.

Sidd, eating pie. (Photo by Toby Brunt)

Apart from pi recitation, some students also took part in a pie eating competition. Two students from each grade came up to the stage, and one student, the eater, had to eat the pie as fast as possible without hands, while the other student, the coach, could help them shove food in their mouths and let them drink water. After a rather messy and hectic few minutes, the seniors came out victorious, winning several points for their grade.

Students who don’t feel that they want to recite Pi in front of the whole high school can still recite and receive their official national rankings, if they contact Mrs. Cokerdem about the possibility. Any recitation at or above 20 digits will get someone a national ranking. You can find national records, including those made by ASW students at this link.

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