Goodbye to All That, Seniors

by Amy Oh

Last Friday, the 21st of April was the last day for the seniors. Various events were held to send them off with great memories.

To celebrate the end of their school days, seniors had a hand-printing ceremony during break, leaving their multicolored marks on the walls of the staircase. The ceremony started with a speech from Mr. Sheehan, followed by one by a senior. The ASW community, including teachers, other students, and parents were there to support them.

Seniors printing their hands on the walls (Photo courtesy of Humans of ASW page)

The high school commons area was filled with hugs and smiles, as well as tears. Peter V. (12), said “It was pretty emotional for me because it closed up a chapter of your life. Even though I’ve only been in ASW for 3 years I definitely feel like I’ve been here for so much longer”.

During lunch, a special coffeehouse was held by seniors. Many familiar performers were on stage including Sagiv B. (12), who sang a Spanish song on Che Guevara. “You know your act is memorable when everybody starts singing it after you’ve performed. I am proud to be the last senior to perform from the class of 2017,” said Sagiv. Flora K. (12) added that “[the song] was emotional on many levels”.

After school, the seniors had the Color Run. They wore their senior hoodies that were showered in blue, pink, orange, green and red powder. They relieved some stress and made good memories. “It was a colorful ending to a difficult year,” said Ronnie K (12).

0416 Class of 2017-XL
Seniors inside a colorful cloud (Photo by Andrzej Figlewicz)

The week’s events continued various senior traditions throughout the year. They had the senior retreat in the beginning of the year. They went to Rancho pod Bocianem at the outskirts of Warsaw. The grade spent time in nature and had time to think about their Extended Essays. According to Lily H. (12), the class “started a new tradition in the senior retreat where we relaxed and did the tranquil exercises and I really liked that.”

In January, there was the Studniówka, which is a Polish traditional ball for the final grade of high school. It takes place 100 days before the leaving exam, hence the name “hundred-day.” The class had practices every Wednesday after school throughout the year, which “brought all our grade together,” according to Lily.

Seniors at their Studniówka (Photo by Andrzej Figlewicz)

After IB examinations, seniors will have the graduation rehearsal which will be followed by the awards ceremony and walking through the building. After the awards ceremony, seniors will walk around the school, receiving warm encouragement from the community and applause to appreciate their hard work and contribution to ASW.

Many seniors see their final year at ASW as the most difficult one, with academic pressure at its highest. However, it is also the last year for the class to enjoy being part of the school. “Other than the stress and the academics, I had a lot of fun in parties and hanging out with my friends,” says Lily.

Ms.Raggio says that the Class of 2017 “has more creativity” and are “excellent leaders.” The students “have been good representatives of the school and set a good tone.” She added, “I worry that [they’re] leaving a bit of vacuum. The seniors are interested in the life of the school and making a culture”.

Currently, the seniors are preparing for their final IB examinations that start on the 1st of May. Some of them are still at school, asking last minute questions of teachers, playing ping-pong, or spending time with friends in the commons, but mostly in the library with stacks of notes.

0458 Class of 2017-X3
Class of 2017 at the end of their last school day (Photo by Andrzej Figlewicz)
Studniówka (Photo courtesy of Ewa T. (12))

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