Middle School MUN Heads to Bucharest

by Jake Lupu and Natalia Sosna

On April 27th, four middle school students flew into Bucharest for a CEESA MUN conference hosted by the American International School of Bucharest (AISB).

For four days, the middle school students debated global topics, such as “‘Promoting the development of water-based energy source’” and ‘Measures to increase access and provision of physically accessible drinking water that is clean, safe, sufficient, and affordable in both LEDCs and MEDCs.’”

Madison G., a 7th-grade student who travelled to Bucharest, proposed a resolution that was chosen for the General Assembly, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to discuss it.

The students also visited the old home of Nicolae Ceaușescu, and enjoyed the fun few days spent arguing.

MUN, or Model United Nations, is a simulation of a United Nations conference that teaches students the art of debate and a sense of diplomacy. Faced with many worldwide issues that resembled real life UN matters, ASW delegates were asked to debate topics ranging from terrorist events to pollution, and mock debates. The topics depend on what committee a student is in, as there are numerous different groups ranging from the Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) to the Environmental Committee.

Overall, the thing that most of the traveling students enjoyed and took away from the trip was the experience. “I expected it to be loose and more fun than other trips because there was less people.” (Darlenne K.)

According to Ian W., “Everyone should join MUN. The main thing I hear from people about MUN is that it’s strictly academic. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s very fun.”

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