Middle School Volleyball Triumphant at CEESA

By Vera Jagielski

On Thursday, May 11th, the Middle School boys and girls volleyball teams travelled to the CEESA tournaments. The girls played in Kiev, Ukraine and the boys played in Moscow, Russia. Both teams showed what they had learned and brought home the first place awards.

The girls travelling team consisted of 11 players and their coaches Mr. Senrick, Ms. Linehan, and Mr. Merrit.

Before setting off for the tournament Head Coach Mr. Senrick shared some thoughts, and these were that even though the season has been very short and quick that all the girls showed a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness towards learning and improving and that they are ready to play at the tournament.

The girls’ teams captain, Susanna H., said that even though the season was very short they were able to get a lot of things done and experience a lot of new things. “Overall the tournament went better than we expected. We worked as a team and made it to first place,” she said.

The boys’ team consisted of 9 boys and their coaches Mr. Keinhaus and Mr. Benny. Before the tournament  Mr. Keinhaus said that everyone of the players improved during the last two months of the season and that the team was very eager about travelling and competing.

Mr. Benny hurt himself before the tournament so severely that he was not able to join the team first hand in Moscow. The team hoped that he could tune in through Skype to give the team some last-minute advice.

The boys’ captain, John R., said that the tournament went really well for the team as they won both the Sportsmanship and First Place Award.

When we started at the beginning of the season, our team was quite unorganized and didn’t know how to play together as a team,” said John. “By the end of the season everybody improved, and we had all bonded.”  


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