A Variety of Warrior Successes at CEESA Softball

by Amelie Rehbein and Yoo Jin Lim

The High School girls and boys softball teams competed in the CEESA this weekend, the girls in Bucharest, Romania, and the boys in Warsaw, Poland. The girls finished in 4th place, while the boys A team won its 7th consecutive CEESA championship.

Warrior Boys A Team on their way to glory at CEESA Softball. Photo by Toby Brunt

The girls travelling team consisted of 14 players and coaches Ms.Nail and Ms. Newman. The boys A team consisted of 11 players and coaches Mr. James and Mr. Nieman; the B team consisted of 12 players and coaches Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Raggio.

According to Louisa W., a girls softball player, “The team is very close. Whenever someone makes a mistake there is always one person who complimented them and encouraged them to keep going no matter what.”

The girls team placed 4th place and won the Sportsmanship award. Most of the games were extremely close, and in the beginning of the last game against Prague, the Warsaw girls team were up by 5 points.

While the girls were in Bucharest, the boys were playing three games per day against their own Warsaw team, Istanbul, Budapest, Bucharest and Moscow. The B team placed 5th.

According to team member Jeong Bin L., although their teamwork was not perfect, they always cheered each other on and made some improved and surprising plays during the tournament.

“The best game was when we played again Moscow. Since I had friends on that team, the game felt more like a bunch of friends playing together, instead of a competition,” said Cameron G.

During the tournament, the A team was once again unbeatable on the field, taking home the first place trophy for the seventh year in a row. Geun Seok S., a freshman on the A team, said that their best game was the final game, where Mati, a 12th grader, hit a homerun which led their team to win the championships.

“I would like to just say thank you to my team for making this such a fun season,” Geun Seok added.

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