The Rise (and Fall?) of ASW Ping Pong

by Amy Oh A new sensation has taken over ASW: ping pong. Students spend time playing with their friends during free periods, break, lunch, and after school. They lay out multiple ping pong tables in the new building hallway. It seemed likely that the activity would be momentarily paused due to IB finals, but students kept playing it in the HS commons area. Some teachers … Continue reading The Rise (and Fall?) of ASW Ping Pong

Ms. Berntson Looks Back on Her First Year at ASW

By Annabell Werner Last August, the multifaceted Ms. Laura Berntson joined the ASW community. She is not only the Vice Principal for high school, but also a mother and coach. Ms. Berntson started her teaching career 18 years ago as a social studies teacher, specializing in Economics and Psychology. Since then she has worked in Minnesota, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and currently here in Warsaw. … Continue reading Ms. Berntson Looks Back on Her First Year at ASW

Ms. McGuire Headed Home to Canada

by Fiona Haze The Middle School Associate Principal Ms. McGuire, who has worked at ASW for 8 years is, leaving for Montreal, Canada. According to Ms. McGuire, “ASW has been like a family – my children and I have felt at home here and made lifelong friendships.” She also says that she will always remember Living History Day in 8th grade, the school-wide UN Day … Continue reading Ms. McGuire Headed Home to Canada

Warrior Grass Classic Preview

     On June 17th, The first annual Warrior Grass Classic is to be held upon the great expanse of the track field much like the Football Grass Classic. Teams of four are promised to compete for first place over the course of seven hours of intense volleyball games.       One team of four, the Tipsters, have been pretty confident in their impending performance … Continue reading Warrior Grass Classic Preview

Faces of ASW: Mr. Beach Edition

By Jeong Bin Lee Mr. Beach, ASW’s new IBDP Coordinator this year,may be a master of IB requirements, but he also holds a secret wealth of culinary experience.   Mr. Beach started his extensive teaching career in Thailand and since then he has explored and taught in Germany, South Korea, Spain and, at last, here in Poland. When Mr. Beach was asked about the main … Continue reading Faces of ASW: Mr. Beach Edition

ASW Hosts Summer Send Off

by Amelie Rehbein This past weekend ASW hosted its annual Spring Fair on June 4th, 2017. The Spring Fair is organised by American School of Warsaw’s Parent Teacher Organization [PTO], which is an organisation made up of dedicated parent volunteers who, according to the official American School of Warsaw School website, “help bring together faculty, staff and families to enhance the children’s educational experience.” It is … Continue reading ASW Hosts Summer Send Off