ASW Hosts Summer Send Off

by Amelie Rehbein

This past weekend ASW hosted its annual Spring Fair on June 4th, 2017.

The Spring Fair is organised by American School of Warsaw’s Parent Teacher Organization [PTO], which is an organisation made up of dedicated parent volunteers who, according to the official American School of Warsaw School website, “help bring together faculty, staff and families to enhance the children’s educational experience.”

It is the last gathering of faculty, staff and families before the end of the school year. The event included a variety of kids’ activities, arts and crafts, and vendor tables. This year, there were Volleyball nets and activities held on the track and softball fields, including Tug of War and a Gym Generation “Acrobatic Challenge”.  

Inside the cafeteria, businesses set up booths selling anything from jewellery and skin care products to clothes and granola. Outside the cafeteria, Blue Cactus, a mexican restaurant located in Mokotow, set up a booth and sold hot dogs, tacos, and french fries.

The event was accompanied with many different performances such as Taekwondo and music from ASW’s Rock Bands. According to Taylor B. [9], “There were not as many stands this time, but the community vibe was still there.”

“I don’t like picking favourites, but I really like the cotton candy and the bouncy castle,” Nate, a fourth grader, said. “I also like all the humour and joy at the Spring Fair,” he added.

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