Faces of ASW: Mr. Beach Edition

By Jeong Bin Lee

Mr. Beach, ASW’s new IBDP Coordinator this year,may be a master of IB requirements, but he also holds a secret wealth of culinary experience.  

Mr. Beach started his extensive teaching career in Thailand and since then he has explored and taught in Germany, South Korea, Spain and, at last, here in Poland.

When Mr. Beach was asked about the main reason which prompted him to travel to Poland and join ASW, he described “The promise of pierogies in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but I might be mixing something up with Ireland.”

Mr. Beach describes ASW as being “double the size of any school I have worked in,” and having “100x the resources of any school I have worked in.”

Mr. Beach in his natural habitat. Photo by Jeong Bin Lee.

Mr. Beach describes his main hobbies as foods and drinks. Before starting his teaching career, he worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years which provided him with extensive insight on the culinary industry. Mr. Beach worked at “dive Mexican restaurants as a college student to fine dining in Vail, Colorado and New York.” Despite his wide experience in the restaurant industry, Mr. Beach still seeks to quench two specific cravings: “The best drink in the world and the perfect plate of nachos”.

Mr. Beach enjoys a variety of sports from ultimate frisbee to competitive basketball. However, his favorite is favorite is telemark skiing. “I am probably my happiest when I am skiing.”

Since Mr. Beach is the IBDP coordinator, he was expectedly questioned about which 6 IB courses he would take if he were a high school student today. “For me, I wanted to be a very well-rounded student in high school, so I searched out opportunities that would give me skills, knowledge and understanding in as many subjects as possible.  Thus I think the IBDP would have been really good for me. I would probably have chosen the following:  English (either Literature or Lang/Lit, as I love both courses), French B (I was forced to take Spanish because that is all my high school offered, which I don’t regret, but I have always wanted to learn French), Philosophy, Physics, Math HL (if I could hack it…I took AP Calculus AB, but that is a different ballgame), and Film (but I am pretty sure my school could have only offered Theatre or Visual Arts).”

Mr. Beach had believes Math HL would be the hardest of these subjects for him. His 3 pieces of advice for any student wishing to pursue Math HL are “to love Math, be good at it, and make sure you need it.”

Quoting the famous line from the movie “The Dark Knight”, Mr. Beach’s parting advice comes in question format: “Why so serious?”

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