Warrior Grass Classic Preview

     On June 17th, The first annual Warrior Grass Classic is to be held upon the great expanse of the track field much like the Football Grass Classic. Teams of four are promised to compete for first place over the course of seven hours of intense volleyball games.

      One team of four, the Tipsters, have been pretty confident in their impending performance for the upcoming tournament. Jeong Bin L, a receiver, shares his take on the tournament, “Personally, since I am new to volleyball, I wish to do proficiently during the tournament and gain more experience. I also hope to learn from others.” He also added that nerves are not an issue for him, “I don’t feel nervous about much, but I do worry about making preventable misplays.”

     It’s this kind of attitude that embodies the spirit of the games. Another student participating, Jan S, commented about his take on the tournament too. When asked how his team is preparing for the games, he responded, “We practiced after school once, and we also practiced during the Spring Faire. We have a special diet so we don’t lack nutrition.” Additionally, he believes that his greatest skill when playing volleyball are, “My serves because they are the only shot I can make without breaking a window.”

        With the amount of competition displayed from these two students, it seems like the Grass Classic will shape up to be quite an exciting competition. Over half of the proceeds will go to local charities. With that said, teams or individuals can still sign up until the 9th, so get those forms in!

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