Ms. McGuire Headed Home to Canada

by Fiona Haze

The Middle School Associate Principal Ms. McGuire, who has worked at ASW for 8 years is, leaving for Montreal, Canada.

According to Ms. McGuire,ASW has been like a family – my children and I have felt at home here and made lifelong friendships.” She also says that she will always remember Living History Day in 8th grade, the school-wide UN Day celebrations, the CEESA school trips, and a cafeteria that serves sushi.

Photo by Toby Brunt.

“I am looking forward to living in Canada, after being abroad for 25 years,” said Ms. McGuire, “And for my children and my husband to experience living in Canada for the first time. I am also excited about being closer to family members, especially my mom. I will miss all the friends we have made in Warsaw and seeing the students at ASW that I have gotten to know so well over my time here. And of course, I will miss living in Poland – it’s an amazing country and has been my home for 8 years.”

As she prepares to leave, Ms. McGuire that the in-coming Vice Principal can “Continue supporting the teachers on the path towards the MYP, as there is still lots of work to do. And I would love to see more student leadership in running our Monday Meetings to make them meaningful to students and motivate students to be involved.”

Ms. McGuire has been living abroad for twenty five years. “This is the 5th foreign country in which I have lived, but the one thing they all have in common is that I have made wonderful friends – people are the same, deep down, no matter their cultural background or the language they speak. I have enjoyed living in different cultures, but Poland is the place that is the most similar to Canada – I feel more homesick living here than anywhere else I have lived, because so much of Poland reminds me of home. And after living for so many years in Asia, where people could instantly tell that I wasn’t from there, it’s still fun for me when people ask me for directions, in Polish! And I’m proud to say that on at least one occasion, I’ve been able to reply with the correct directions.”

Ms. McGuire says that ASW and Poland has influenced her for the better. “I have been influenced to be a better teacher – I have been challenged and supported by my colleagues and our parents and students. As an ASW parent, I have also appreciated how my daughters have developed as learners and I am excited to be going to a bilingual country that values language learning, as I see how important multilingualism is at ASW and in Europe.”


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