Ms. Berntson Looks Back on Her First Year at ASW

By Annabell Werner

Last August, the multifaceted Ms. Laura Berntson joined the ASW community. She is not only the Vice Principal for high school, but also a mother and coach.

Ms. Berntson started her teaching career 18 years ago as a social studies teacher, specializing in Economics and Psychology. Since then she has worked in Minnesota, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and currently here in Warsaw.

Ms. Berntson has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, a Masters of Arts in Education, a Master’s of Science in School Counseling, and she is nearly finished with her Doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Ms. Berntson is not only a teacher, but also an athlete, having played volleyball and basketball at University and now coaching and playing when ever possible.

According to Ms. Berntson the most exciting experience about moving to Warsaw was being able to live in a place with seasons again. In the Middle East, where they had “a bright blue sunny day almost every day,” she missed living in a place with 4 seasons. “I remember my son saying, ‘Mom, I watched the sunset in science class today.’ The winter darkness was a surprise to me!”

For next year, Mrs. Berntson hopes to get to know even more students. “It is difficult to come in as a new administrator and to not only have to try to learn a whole school’s worth of names, but to get to know what interests each student has and to find ways to interact with everyone in positive ways.”

Mrs. Berntson looks forward positively and thinks that next year’s communication and management will be more efficient, especially because she already understands the culture of the school better.


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