Girls’ Volleyball Ready for Vienna Tournament

by Haruka Shimizu

The ASW Girls’ Volleyball team leaves today for the Invitational Tournament in Vienna. The team has been preparing since early in the week of August 22 for this, their first tournament of the year.

The tournament in Vienna will prepare the girls for their official CEESA tournament later in the season.

After working together three times a week during after school practices, the coaches as well as players are looking forward to many things in this season.

According to Coach Senrick, “The players set goals around individual skills they need to improve on, and they also set up team goals, which was mostly communication, so I am excited to see the improvements of each player at the end of the season.”

Taylor B., one player from the team adds, “There’s always something to look forward to in every volleyball season because I love this sport so much. But as players, I think we are looking forward to learning the 5-1 rotation the most, which will give us a significant advantage in gameplay.”

According to the coach Senrick, members of the team worked very well together, as they spent more time mixing people up, and grouped with different people in practices. He added that more game time will allow the players to feel more comfortable with each other on the court.

“It’s cool because there are several players from each grade level,” said Coach Senrick. “It’s exciting to see them work together and know they are making new friends and connections through this sport.”

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