By Grace Oh

On Friday, September 11, the ASW Coffee House returned with four performances.

In previous years, the Coffee House primarily consisted of musical performances but this year, it includes music, acting, magic, poetry, and anything students want to perform.  

The organiser of the Coffee House, Mr. Pitale describes the Coffee House as “an opportunity for the community to get together and celebrate our collectiveness in a way other than organized classes and studies.”

“I feel great seeing students in a different light and experiencing different things beyond the classroom,” said Mr. Pitale.

The Coffee House started with an introduction of the event by the two organisers: Sara M. and Ola D., two seniors who both played in Coffee House before.

The first performance started with the song, “Half the World Away” by Oasis, sung by Guy B. (11) and played by Denice V. (11) on guitar. Denice said, “I thought the performance went well. Although Guy and I made minor mistakes, it went smoothly. I think the Coffee House is a great experience because you’re able to express anything you’d like to in front of an audience and it can help with stage fright.”

The performance was followed up by a musical performance of “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood, sung by Ashrita V. (12) and sung and played by Katia G. (12) on the guitar. It was both Ashrita’s and Katia’s first performance and they explained how the performance was thrilling and less scary than they thought it would be.

Next, a 9th grader, Ella D., did a cover of “Little Things” by One Direction on a ukulele. She was the youngest and only solo singer at the Coffee House. Prior to the performance, she explained her excitement about her first performance at the Coffee House, “I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and perform and share the experience with the people around me.”

The Coffee House ended with a comedy sketch from Studio C by Robby P. and Gideon B., both from 10th grade. Prior to the performance, Robby explained his excitement about the expansion of the Coffee House, “I am hoping we can do more of these sketches for coffeehouse. They look like more fun to do than watch, and they’re all school appropriate, so we might be able to get more people to help us perform them.”

More performances can be seen in the next Coffee House, October 6th.

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