Cross Country Returns

By Yoo Jin Lim

ASW Cross Country is back. The cross country runners will compete in two cross country tournaments this year – SCIS in Vienna in October, and CEESA in Prague in November. The will also run in friendly races in Krakow and in Wroclaw at the end of September.

The cross country runners are practicing hard, looking to improve on last season’s results. The team normally goes for a 7 to 10 km run each practice and does speed-based and core workouts.

According to Mr. Moon, the high school cross country coach, “This year we have more runners out so we are expecting better results. All the kids work really well together so expectations are high that we will show some significant improvement over last season.”

According to Mr. Moon, likely top runners this year are Dominik B. and Sabina S. and Karolina G.

Dominik B., who recorded one of the top-15 finishes last year in Tbilisi, predicted that, “For the CEESA tournament, we will get top 3.” He also thinks that the team will have a lot of fun along the way. “The biggest strength of the team is our ability to have fun,” he said.

“Our biggest strength is our unity and team spirit,” said Jack K., a member of the cross country team. “Even though a lot of people don’t think of running as being ‘fun,’ our team has fun running at practices. We all joke around and push each other to do our best.”

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