Girls’ Soccer Ready for a New Year

by Louisa Wetzel

The ASW Girls’ Soccer team is preparing for their yearly competitions, the SCIS and CEESA tournaments.

Training, conditioning, and bonding together after school three times a week and even on the weekend, the members of the HS Girls Varsity Soccer team have impressed Coach Beach. “The team this season is quite different than last, and this has allowed for more skill based and tactical drills combined with scrimmages that provide game-time experience,” said Mr. Beach. “Given the talent we have this year with both our returning and new players, if we work hard, play smart, and go in with a positive mindset, I see this team able to win both SCIS and CEESA!”

Photo by Louisa Wetzel

Haiden Kolenbrander, a freshman recruit, said, “Our team has good chemistry and we work well together. We’ll definitely continue to grow as a team as we practice more and more.”

Coach Beach also shared that, “A successful team believes in itself and works together for a common goal. A successful team trusts and supports each individual player, showing how their contributions are appreciated.”

“I would like us to continue being the thoughtful, smart, and reflective team that made us improve so much while acknowledging the strengths we have this year,” he added. 

On October 12th, 14 players will be traveling to Munich, Germany to compete in the SCIS Tournament. 

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