ASW TED Ed Up and Running

By Vera Jagielski

You stand in front of a crowd. Your lips are moving, sound is leaving your lips. You are speaking. The people in the crowd are nodding their heads. Your hands move in front of you trying to make your point even more clear. You are holding a speech about your passion.

The ASW TED Ed Club is starting up again in both the Middle School and High School. Ted Ed Clubs are a part of TED’s education project. They allow students to  research passions, create a TED-style talk about them, and then present this talk.

The club will run from October until February.

TED ed in action. (Not pictured: anyone named Ted)

According to Club Director, Ms. Staffa, the talks range from current issues to school questions to hobbies to global issues. She also mentioned that often these talks are a “call to action.”  The speeches are about something that matters to the student and could be about almost anything.

According to Ms. Staffa, the club is great for anyone who is perhaps a little nervous about public speaking and would like to become better at this and more used to being in front of people. It is, however, also great for people who are already solid public speakers.

This year the TED Ed club is also connecting to other TED Ed Clubs from around the world. This will be done through things like Skype calls and the TED Ed Clubs Facebook page. This gives students from the group a way to share their ideas with other from around the world and talk to other students who are also developing their ideas.

Photo courtesy of Ms. Staffa

According to Ms.Staffa, the club differs from other public speaking clubs in the way that it is not a competition and that the student can also choose independently what their topic shall be. It also differs in the way that the structure of the speech is very flexible.

Ms. Staffa recommends anyone interested in the club come to a meeting and ask questions. The club meets fridays during lunch in Ms. Ranado’s room (HO23).  

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