New Mural Unveiled

By Sua Yoo, Geunseok Song, and Jimin Park

The American School of Warsaw hosted the street art unveiling ceremony on October 2. Students, teachers and parents gathered in front of the library at 8:00AM to check out the new murals.

Photo by Sua Yoo.

During the unveiling, three pieces of work created by students and street artist Mike Johnston, known as Truth, were exhibited. The biggest, a three-piece mural of the word “Warszawa” was hung above the library entrance, representing the diversity of the students as well as their closeness to  Warsaw.

The other two pieces were drawn onto the walls next to the stairs with storks and clouds in vivid colors. People expressed their astonishment at the artwork painted by ASW students.

Photo by Sua Yoo.

For the unveiling process, the art department made bookmarks using the digital sketch they used for the final product. The bookmarks were passed out to community members who came to see the mural. A selection of student artists signed the bookmarks.

Johnston, the artist who worked on murals with students, hoped to deliver a message to ASW students through the mural. “There’s a freedom in failure, so don’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes,” he said. “We’re all human, and we’re all improving.”

Photo by Sua Yoo.

The organizer of the event, Ms. Fernandez said, “I was very excited that so many community members came to see the 3 separate pieces together.” She also added she was happy that the students who dedicated their time to complete this large scale project had fun working with Mike “Truth” Johnston and his wife Erin.

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