Opinion: New High School Schedule Causing Some Headaches

by Alex Cysarz and Michał Korczewski

According to Ms. Berntson the changes to the ASW schedule this year were needed to accommodate more time for IB classes in the 11th and 12th grade. The changes were also implemented to fit the new 9th and 10th grade MYP schedule in order to allow for a total 9 periods.

The process of designing this schedule was done by surveying students and faculty and analysing the data. Furthermore, a faculty committee was organized to look at other school schedules for ideas in order to design the new one.

“We all felt it was the best option” says Ms. Berntson. According to Ms. Berntson, the schedule was presented to the Board of Managers and faculty for approval, and neither group saw any major issues with it.

In general Ms. Berntson says that the schedule is working ok. We were also informed that a survey will be sent out after a few months to each student in order to collect feedback.

However, it is clear that the schedule is not ideal, as we saw with the cafeteria glitch a few weeks ago.

Many students and some teachers have concerns with the new schedule. As an example, Mr. Taylor says “I don’t love that grade 9 and 10 have a different lunch than grade 11 and 12 because it makes it very difficult to have club meetings.”

Sneha R. (12) agreed with Mr. Taylor that the new schedule has some drawbacks. According to Sneha, the new “classes are too long.”

Diana S. (12) agreed with Sneha about the duration of classes. ” I understand it gives more class time,” she said, “which is more useful for IB. But the lack of breaks is exhausting.”

On the other hand, Sara M. (12) told us that there are things she prefers about the new schedule. “I was sick of the I block,” she said, “since I never knew what class I had. Now that it is gone, it’s much easier.”

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